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Related post: Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 23:30:16 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me 16 - UnderstandingReese and Me 16 gallery dump preteens - Understanding March 16, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleDisclaimer bbs boards preteen and Warning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.EMAIL me sexy preteen 12 if you have any comments. mchalejamiehotmail.com ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 16 - Understanding What a wonder was Reese's cock. I young nudes preteen smiled, holding it in my hands. preteen nude modles It had grown substantially since we'd started going out, months earlier. But regardless of it's size, there was just something about Reese's dick in particular that did it for me. Perhaps it was due to the fact cute innocent preteens that I loved him, and I was just used to his genitals. But, even taking all that into consideration, preteen porn fuck there was still a earning that we, as humans have to preteens korean nudes each other's privates. Depending on sexual orientation, of course. What was it that attracted me to a protrusion of blood vessels and muscles. Who knew? But did it even really matter? Not much, especially when you're in the middle of giving someone a hand job. "You mad?" Reese asked all of a sudden. We were laying in his bed together, half-naked. Considering that I was whacking him off at the time, his question seemed a little odd ukrain preteen nude to me. "Why would you think that?" I asked, laughing a little. "I dunno," he replied, breathing hard, "I just thought you might not have wanted to go to Sherri's tonight." He was right. I hadn't really wanted to attend her party. However, now that it was over with, and nothing had nymphet preteen thumbs happened to piss me off, I was fine. Just as long as Reese didn't want to make it a regular thing. "It went okay, you know that." "Yep," a soft spoken Reese agreed, relaxing his head into his pillow. My body was glued against his, my hand furiously beating his dick. He began to breath harder, and harder. Then suddenly, he stopped me, mexican preteen nudists pushing away my hand. He immediately assumed a position from which he could reach my hard-as-hell cock. It was my turn, I assumed. So, I layed on my back and let him do his thing. "I was about to cum," he informed me, smiling. We kissed briefly, afterwhich I layed back and let him work. "I love you," I said, putting my hand up the back of his shirt to rub his sweaty extrem nude preteen back. "I love you too," he replied without apprehension. The night went well, and the morning was equally as pleasing. We certainly were horn dogs, but that was a good thing. Sex was a perfectly good outlet for stress and aggression. Two things that I'd been filled with after my meeting with Alex at the 12yo preteen nude party Friday night. He was starting it again. And even after my little visit to his place, he was still going to involve Reese. I'd had japanese sexy preteens enough. This had gone on long enough! I had to find a way to put this whole thing to an end, once and for all. If such a thing was even possible. I sat at home, alone on my computer Sunday afternoon. Since being with Reese, I'd showered and dressed. I wasn't sure what big busty preteens I was going to do with myself that day, but I was ready for whatever was coming my way. My parents weren't home, so preteens modeling pantie I welcomed a visit from my man later on when he got back from downtown with his Mom. They'd gone shopping for new clothes. The computer was giving me trouble connecting to the internet, and I was getting frusterated. I decided to give up after fifteen minutes. The lights in the rec room were off, so topless preteen nudes I stumbled around preteen preteen thumbs for my cute petite preteen rap mix cd. After a couple of futile seconds searching for it in the dark, I went for the light switch. I hit the lights, and as soon as I did so, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I figure, standing by the door to the hallway. My heart jumped into my throat, and I was ready to defend myself until I realized that it was Chase. I let out a huge sigh of relief, "Chase! What the fuck, man?!" "I wanted to surprise you," he explained, "You looked preteen spanish pussy scared, expecting someone else?" "I kinda am, actually," I told him, my heart still racing. "I thought I locked the door." "You did, the front one anyway. I did knock." "Yeah, I had my ear phones on a couple seconds ago," I said, stepping toward him. He looked awesome, again. The colour of the day was blue, I guess. He was dressed in it from head to toe. His ball-cap was pale blue, with a sports logo. His shirt was blue and black. And he was wearing baggy blue jeans. "So I'm guessing that you got in by the back padio doors?" "Yeah," he answered, walking closer. He were now pre teen newsgroups within two feet of each other. I was suddenly paralized by his eyes, "Thanks for offering to take care of me at the party." preteen nude topsite "Oh, you remember that?" Chase asked, smiling. preteen nonude images "Yeah, of preteens art dak course. I wasn't that drunk." I approached a little more. He was so hot, I thought maybe I could just get a way preteen nymphets free with giving him a hug or something. nude preteen 14 preteens art nude And that wouldn't really be cheating, right? "Then you must remember me doing this," Chase said, leaning in to indian preteens nude kiss me on the cheek. It was barely anything, but in that moment, it was the world to me. This guy was very likely drop-dead in love with me. It was becoming more and more obvious to me as cheerleader preteen porn the days went by. I was still intent upon keeping very preteen pussy my realtionship with Reese, however. And I think he knew it. "Can I just give you a hug, Chase?" I preteen european girl asked him nervously. He was poised to kiss me again, except this time on the lips. I didn't want that yet, though. Chase didn't answer, he just wrapped his arms around me. I squeezed him tight, letting my hands explore his back and neck. He did the same, and after a couple seconds, I became uncomfortable again. candid preteen guestbook "Chase," I said, pulling out of the hug, "I can't." "Okay, Jake," he complied, stepping back. "It's okay, you're not ready." "No, definitely not," I said, "I'm still with Reese. But, you gotta know that I want to." "I know," Chase replied, "That's why I've been so persistant. But we can be friends for now if you want." "Yeah, that's what I want." I turned away, feeling bad about what had happened already. In a way, I had cheated on Reese. Nothing like before, but still . . . We were silent for a long two minutes, until I decided to say something. preteen models porn "Chase, you wanna go for a coffee or something?" "Sure," he responded without hesitation. And with that, we made our way upstairs and down the driveway for the Jeep. We could have gone in his car, but I decided that I wanted to drive. As we pulled out onto the street, and began the short drive into the nearest commercial section, I glanced over at him. I was preteen underwear anime so attracted to him, and I felt so bad for it. I shook my head in disgust with myself. But, I knew that I couldn't blame only myself. Chase had admitted that he was being more than a little persistant with me. It was because of the fact that he was always around that we were growing closer and closer. I wans't allowing myself to cheat though. I would never do that to Reese again. He was too special, and I was way too in love preteen toplists aex with him. We arrived in front of a Seattle coffee house. I decided against going to Ponter's, after what had happened there the last time. We entered the coffee house to colombian preteens discover that it was busy. Not a problem, I thought. He won't really be able to put any moves on me in here. "Over there, by the windows?" Chase asked, gesturing to an empty table. "Alright," I said in accordance. We stepped over to the table and sat down. Almost immediately, we were served by a waitress. She was quite the hotty, but I hot girls preteen don't think either of us noticed. We were too busy watching each other. I couldn't help myself. As far as I was concerned, next to Reese, he was easily the second hottest guy in the school. After a few minutes of twiddling our thumbs, Chase spoke, "Jake, I'm sorry for all this." "Sorry for what?" I asked him, a angels preteens nude little surprised. "Just for pursuing you," he explained, "I know you're going out with Reese, but I just can't help myself sometimes." I smiled at him, "Well, I'm flattered. But, I think that some of the blame could also go my way." "What do you mean?" "I was the one who originally pursued you," I reminded him. When Reese and I had split up, I'd tried to forge a relationship with him. And things just took off from there. "Yeah, but I didn't give up, even after you got back together with Reese," he said, sipping his coffee. "I should have just moved on." This was the part where he was preteen dirty panties going to tell me something that would change our friendship forever. I wasn't sure if I was ready to hear it. "But," he continued, relaxing in his seat, "I guess I started to have feelings for you." "Feelings?" I asked immediately, on the edge of my seat. I'd thought that he was in love underage preteens preview with me, but I wasn't sure. "Yeah, Jake. You don't have any for me?" I sucked in a deep breath, considering what my response should be. "Yes, I do. I regret that I do, but I do." dominant preteen girls "Why do you regret it?" he inquired with a tender tone. I could tell that he was a little hurt. "Because I'm in love with Reese. And we're together right now. And I feel like I'm cheating on him everytime something happens between me and you." I'd tried to horny underage preteens put vombat preteen images it as russian preteens legal nicely as possible. I think he understood. "Yeah," Chase said, looking a little better, "I guess I should give up then." I didn't know what to say. preteen supermodel gallery I didn't want him to abandon all hope that someday we preteen nina nn could be together. But I didn't want him to continue pushing me to go out with him. "No," I told him, "Don't give up. Because there is a chance that we could be together someday." "Just not any time soon?" Chase asked, preteen hunny pot his eyes brightening. "I don't know," I replied, "I really don't know." I sighed, "But you have to stop pursuing me for now. I just need you to be a friend right now. You're a x preteens xxx temptation that I can't deal with." "Okay," he agreed, "I won't anymore. We can be friends for the time being. But, good friends, right?" "Right. Good friends," I said, finally sitting preteen puberty masturbation back in my chair. I was so glad that he'd got things cleared up. The truth was that I did have feelings for him, but he presented an obstacle to my relationship with Reese as long as he continued to instigate physical contact with me. And I also knew that if he suddenly free pictures preteen stopped talking to me, I'd be devasted. So, as long as he was somewhere in between, things would be fine. It wasn't long before we found ourselves back in the Jeep. I felt more comfortable with him, now that he'd come to an understanding where our relationship was concerned. anime preteen pussy I was so happy that we'd said to each other what needed to be said. "So what you up to tonight?" he asked, smiling. "I dunno," I replied. Reese popped into my head. He'd said that he'd be dropping preteen nude korean by as soon as he was done with his Mom. I wasn't sure panties preteen photos when that would be, but I decided that I should keep my evening open for him. "I think Reese and I have plans, actually," I explained, glancing over at him. "Oh, okay," he said, looking away for a second. "What you asain preteen girls guys doin', if I can ask?" pics preteens fucking "I dunno," I answered, hanging a left onto my street. "Probably just sitting preteen model blowjob around." "Hummm," he let out, "I see." "What?" I asked, turning to him, "What's wrong with that?" "Well, do you guys ever do anything besides sit around in the house?" "Yeah. Of course we do," I exclaimed. But then I realized that, besides weekends, we usually just fooled around together at my house, or his. preteen dirty cunt It seemed to have been interesting enough for us. Chase laughed, "Where do you guys go? I never see you together uptown." I couldn't help it, I preteen pics forbidden had to laugh. "You know something, Chase? You're right! We don't do shit together! Except have sex illegal preteen archive every fucken night!" It seemed a little weird after I'd realized it, but Reese and I did very much enjoy our time together. Even though we didn't do much outside the house. "Well there's nothing wrong with a busy sex life," remarked Chase, watching me as I drove. illegal preteen nymphets "Oh, I know, Chase," I said, "I know." I could still feel his eyes on me as I preteen models japan pulled into illegal preteen nue my driveway. We exited the Jeep, beginning up the walk for my front door. "I'm just gonna grab my jacket," he said, following right behind me. "Okay," I agreed, letting him in the front door. I sucked in a deep breath, watching him make his way into the living room to grab his wind-breaker. He quickly slipped it on and stepped back into the foyer preteen sierra model to say good-bye. "So, I guess I'll see ya' later, Jake," he said, flashing me a smile. "Yeah, Chase. I'll call you tomorrow after school, k?" "Cool," he said, turning for the door. He was hesitating though, he wanted more from me than just a good-bye. "Later," I preteens sex porn said, grabbing video port preteen the door to close it behind him. "Later," he called back, stepping out onto the walk. preteen world sex After I'd closed the door, I stood in front of the windows and watched him climb into his car and take off down the road. I sighed, eventually making my way upstairs and into my bedroom. I had to think for a bit, so I immediately dropped down into my bed. I was a little hot, so I removed my green sweater. I let out a long breath, unsure of what to do. I needed to talk to Reese, but not about what had happened that day with Chase. About other things. Anything. I just wanted to hear his voice. I wanted to feel his body next to mine. And I wanted to hold him tight, to remind myself that I was in love with him. When he called, it was approaching six o'clock. We decided to go out for a bite to eat. I picked the place, McDonald's. It may be ***** pre-prepared food, but it's beach girl preteen good. We arrived at the North Gerard Street location at quarter to seven. After paying russian preteen 16 for our rape preteen tgp food, we sat down in an empty table to eat. I'd skinny preteen naturists called Kevin and Johnny to meet us. I wasn't sure why I'd called them, but I figured that it nonnude preteen porn was because of what Chase had said preteen school photos to me earlier that day. That Reese and I barely did anything with anyone. I thought it might be a good idea to preteen ecstazy expand our activities to include a couple of friends every now and then. Of course, we needed our time alone, but there would be plenty of time for that later. Kevin and Johnny walked into the restaurant preteen picture post at picture pre teen seven. They collected their meals and joined us at our table. You might be surprised that Meghan hadn't accompanied the two. I'd asked Kevin to leave her at home. I feared that Reese still wouldn't feel comfortable with her around. gratis sex preteen "What up boys?" Kevin asked, taking a seat. "Not much," I said, smiling. It was good to see them; it had been a while. It seemed more and more that I didn't have time for my friends. That had to stop, however. "Hey," Reese offered, biting into his Big Mac. young nn preteenz "Hey," Johnny said, taking a seat next to me. Kevin and Reese were oposite me. "So what are you guys up to tonight?" I inquired, making conversation with my buds. "Nothing really," Kevin replied, "I think we were just gonna head over to Meg's to watch a movie." He smiled, "Wanna come?" I glanced at Reese. He was careful preteen img board about what expression he was making, but I could still tell that his answer was no. "Naw," I began, "Maybe another night." "Alright," Kevin said, sitting back. He turned to Reese. "So how's it going, Reese?" Reese barely knew my old friends, but he looked back at Kevin, managing a smile, "Good. You?" "Alright," Kevin answered, grinning. He was fun to be with. I wondered why I didn't call them more often. "So after we're done here, we gonna go raise some hell in that Jeep of yours, Jake?" I supposed that he peachfuzz preteen wanted to chuck eggs out the windows at houses again. "For a bit, drunken preteens I guess." "Cool!" exclaimed Kevin, sucking back some Pepsi. "But I gotta get back home soon," I told him, taking Reese into consideration. I didn't really know what he wanted to do. But I preteen modells pics guessed that a quiet night preteens naked videos at xxx preteens video home was in order. We could hold each other, maybe make out, maybe fool around a little. The usual stuff. After we were all done eating, the four of us made our way out to the Jeep and climbed in. We spent the next half hour chucking two dozen eggs out the windows at houses. It was fun, I have to admit. Even Reese got in on it. He was laughing hentai preteen couple and just having a blast. I think he nailed at least ten houses. It was about eight o'clock by the time we got back to my house. I was in the mood to cuddle with him, and I could barely keep my hands off of him as we entered the house. I knelt down hardcore preteen underage beside him as he attempted to remove his shoes. nn preteen image Grinning like a little kid, I teased his neck with my tongue until he turned his face and we kissed. The lights went on in the kitchen. "Jake, what the hell are you doing?!" cried my Dad, preteen beach pics approaching from the left. Oh my god! Oh my god! My Dad just witnessed me kissing Reese! I felt as though someone had ripped out my heart. The embarassment was almost too much. I could have died right there and then. "Dad!" escaped from my mouth. I didn't know what else to say or do as he walked up to us. Reese preteen cutie was very much as I was, frozen. He didn't move either as my Dad began screaming. "You think you can bring your preteen creampie little buddy in here and fool around with him?! How fucking long has all this been going on, Jake?!" he cried, stepping right up in front of me. I was still on my knees. I couldn't even stand up. "And you lied to me about this when I asked you! I can't fucking believe you would do that to me!" I finally found the strength to get up on my feet. naked preteen art Reese did the same, and we slowly began to back toward the door. I couldn't handle all this. I couldn't handle my own parents hating me because I'm gay. And he'd said that he would accept me any way I wanted to be. Fucken liar, I thought, reaching for the doorknob. "Where the fuck do you preteens kids naked think you're going?!" he screamed, approaching me again. "Get outta here, Reese!" I managed to say. If anything was to go down, I didn't want him there. preteens modals nude "No, I'm staying until you come," he said, tugging at my shirt with a shaking hand. He was so scared that my Dad would try to hurt me. I knew if he did, I'd never be speaking to him again. And if he tried to lay a hand on Reese, I'd likely kill him. Anyway I could, I'd kill him. "Jake, you're not going anywhere!" my Dad cried at the top of his lungs. Bold faced as I could be, I quickly turned away from him and made a move top preteen xxx for the door. I pushed Reese out first, then attempted to get myself out. Things didn't work out as I'd planned however. A strong hand had grasped the back of my shirt. With one good tug, my Dad had me back in the foyer. Reese screamed for me to go with him, but I couldn't. My Dad still had a frim hold on me. I struggled with him, "Let me go!" "Jake, you're grounded! You're staying here!" "No!" I cried, finally breaking free of him. galleries pictures preteen I made another move for the door, making it out this time. I could already feel the tears coming as Reese and I amateur preteen galleries ran for the Jeep. We climbed in chinese preteens nude and drove away. teen preteen modeling And I didn't stop driving until I couldn't anymore. I couldn't go home. My parents were completely disgusted with me. My life was preteen girls horny ruined. The only thing I had was Reese. preteen nude pics Keep those comments coming, at lovely preteen pics mchalejamiehotmail.com!
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